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Musical activities over nearly 50 years

Music and Song: Has been a member of several folk groups, namely The Pint Pots (1963-65), Talisman (1981-1984), Cottage Industry (1981-1989), Puzzlejug (from 1989), Pitchpole Jack (from 2008) and more recently he has ventured into Medieval and Tudor music with the group Waytes and Measures.  Plays several instruments, especially the melodeon and the banjo (mainly Old Timey style).  He has played in the barn dance band "Monkey Puzzle" (1971-72) and "Green Willow" (1973-1981).  With his wife Carol, founded the group "Puzzlejug" (1989) who played for festivals, concerts, folk clubs and barn dances.  Later, with Carol and fiddler Paul Meager, played for and sang in the trio Pitchpole Jack. He also plays pipe and tabor and melodeon for Happenstance Border Morris and pipe and tabor for the Gloucestershire Morris Men.  As musician in the group Waytes and Measures, Gwilym plays pipe and tabor, shawm, recorder and bagpipe.  He also sings bass in the a capella folk group "Shepherds Crook".

Dance: Having taken up Welsh folk dancing at university in the 1960s, he later took up Cotswold Morris dancing has been a member of several Morris sides, namely the Cardiff Morris Men (1970), the  Winchester Morris Men (1970-72), the  Gloucestershire Morris Men (from 1972 - Squire twice, Bagman once), The Amazing Headbangers Morris Men (Cyprus) (1981-84), the Spring Bottom Morris Men (1985-86), and Happenstance Border Morris (from 2010).

Mummers: Revived the Odiham Mummers Play (Hampshire -1971) and performed in it for several years thereafter.

Talks/Presentations: Gwilym and his wife Carol have given many talks and presentations for Folk Festivals and local societies on a variety of folk music subjects including Christmas songs and customs, wassailing, Morris dance, Music and Song of Gypsies, and so on.

"The Carter" - Cotswold Folk Song"I Took my Dog" - Gloucestershire gypsy song.  "The Butcher Boy"     "Georgie" - old ballad from Hampshire