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Gwilym has been recording source singers since about 1970, in audio and video, mainly in Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Devon and the USA.  The audio part of the collection is housed in the British Library Sound Archive and will be available on line in 2020. Meanwhile, the index to the collection can be viewed via this link  and by entering C742 in the search box. In addition, many of the recordings made by Gwilym in Gloucestershire can be heard on the Glostrad website.  This latter project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and underpinned by Gwilym's research.  In particular he has recorded many gypsy singers including Wiggy Smith and the Brazil family as well as other important source singers including Charlie Hill (Devon), Ray Driscoll (London and Shropshire) and Colleen Cleveland (USA).  Several of the songs he has collected have been taken up by professional folk singers, including John Kirkpatrick, Faustus, Judy Cook (USA), Tim Laycock, and Nowell Sing We Clear (USA).   Gwilym welcomes contact with relatives of the people he has recorded or with other researchers.

He has done extensive research into the songs collected by the composer Percy Grainger in Winchcombe, which led on to a documentary play "Really Beautiful Company" which was performed at several folk festivals, including Sidmouth.


Gwilym has contributed many articles on folk song to a variety of magazines.  Additionally, the following can be found on line: